Skip the keychain Go for these unique gifts from around the world
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July 20, 2018 | Interests

Skip the keychain: Go for these unique gifts from around the world

By Kevin M.

Gifts are a nice thing to bring back for friends and family. But they’re not all created equally.

Instead of running into a souvenir shop at the airport to get a shot glass that’ll sit on a shelf and gather dust, this is your chance to bring back something with some thought. Because chances are, people aren’t dreaming of a keychain.

Stand out. Be the best gift giver in the world. Avoid the dreaded “oh, you got me this” look with our suggestions.


Don't buy: Flamenco figurine

Do buy: Local olive oil to kickstart that trendy Mediterranean diet


Don’t buy: The blue eye beads you see at every souvenir shop

Do buy: Hand-crafted jewelry for that special someone


Don’t buy: A pin that says “Kiss me, I’m Irish”

Do buy: A pint glass from the pub where you decided you wanted to stay in Ireland forever


Don't buy: Swiss Army knife

Do buy: All the chocolate and cheese you can find


Don't buy: A Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt

Do buy: Dry pasta to impress your friends back home


Don't buy: One of those plastic cat figurines that brings "good luck"

Do buy: A kendama, a Japanese ball and cup toy that will keep you occupied for hours on end


Don't buy: Mini Eiffel Tower statues

Do buy: A beret...because now that you've been to France, you totally get fashion

Costa Rica

Don't buy: A refrigerator magnet that says "pura vida"

Do buy: All the coffee

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