Travel Outfit of the Day. Yeah, it’s a thing.
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November 27, 2017 | How To

Travel Outfit of the Day. Yeah, it’s a thing.

By Sandy S.

For us mere mortals, fashionable and feasible don’t go hand in hand when it comes to packing. Luckily, EF Ultimate Break’s best-dressed traveler, Sandy Simcha (AKA @sandysensation), is giving us the inside scoop on how he slays the fashion game across the globe, matching his outfits to the monuments/cities he’s visiting. And, he’s doing it all while keeping his suitcase under 50 pounds.

Keep reading to see how Sandy comes up with his #TOOTD (Travel outfit of the day) during his EF Ultimate Break trip to Barcelona, Paris & London.

Before the trip: Airport Chic

Stepping off the terminal into a European Airport is like walking into a ready-to-wear runway during Fashion Week—the Europeans don’t play! I opted to wear something comfortable, but also stylish: a brown heavy-knit Cardigan, blue denim skinny jeans that fit to perfection, a zip-up V-neck, and brown boots.

First stop: Barcelona

A million sites, one outfit, two looks

I wore an outfit that was inspired by fencing uniforms and matador outfits: black velvet loafers, distressed skinny jeans to add to the “sword fight” look, and a white loose fitting long sleeve shirt that I rolled up. I brought with me a black pea coat that I stuffed in my satchel so that I could wear it when I got tired of being photographed in the same outfit. #SwitchItUp

Sandy’s Essentials #1: Lightweight shoes

Sandy’s Essentials #2: A coat that can handle anything

3 looks using 3 items

A scarf, a jacket, and a V-neck. Together, they keep you warm, and apart, they give you three looks. On this day I wore a brown leather army jacket, a wool scarf with a fabulous western/tribal inspired print, a simple white V-neck, and gray jeans.

Second stop: Paris

Paris (AKA The Olympics of Fashion)

My Barcelona looks were cute, but cute doesn’t cut it in Paris. This city gave the world some of the biggest names in fashion, and eternal trends. I had to step it UP! I was ready.

Tour Eiffel

I wore a tailored black leather jacket by Marc Jacobs (Yes, I brought out the big guns for Paris. If you don’t own designer, store bought is fine), black fitted pants from Zara, a red long sleeve knit sweater from Lucky Brand, and, the pièce de résistance: the shoes. The way the light hit the rhinestones of the shoes reminded me of how the Eiffel tower sparkled when it lit up and I knew, right then and there, in the middle of the Dillard’s men’s shoe department, that these babies were going to Paris with me.

Sandy’s Tip #2: Do your research. Look up each city before you start packing, and read about the sites, monuments and styles.

Hunchback of Notre Dame realness

On this day I wore a look inspired by Quasimodo himself: a fabulous knit poncho (From Burlington! Remember how I said store bought was fine? Listen up!) This poncho probably cost me $7 back home, but I wore it like it was a $700 poncho knit by Coco Chanel herself.

Sandy’s Tip #2: Keep it Simple. Pack the basics and use accessories/layers to create unique looks

New Year’s Eve in Paris: a night of lights, Sparkly shoes and champagne

I wore a tailored blue blazer, my sparkly loafers, black photographer pants, and a tailored white button down. In place of a tie, I opted for a Swarovski crystal beaded necklace that perfectly matched the sparkly shoes, and the fireworks!

Sandy’s Tip #3: When in doubt, go with vintage

Multiple looks using only a few ingredients

Even on a cold Parisian day, I can’t let my style be drowned in a heavy coat! I wore my black leather jacket, my other pair of sparkly loafers (from a small boutique in Miami), and a scarf I bought specifically with the Louvre in mind. This scarf has a very architectural pattern and I thought it would contrast greatly with the modern glass pyramid.

Sandy's Tip #4

If you want to get fabulous picture at the Louvre, wake up at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds and avoid having tourists in your shot. Trust me, it’s worth it!

This is how I changed up my looks on the same day by simply changing the scarf, and adding a hat I bought on the same day in Paris.

Sandy’s Essentials #3: Basics in solid/neutral colors

Last stop: London

.First Day in London

In London, I had two inspirations for my looks: Literature, and architecture. I wore the hunter green knit sweater I wore in Paris (gotta stay under 50 lbs. people), a fabulous scarf I picked up during previous travels, a maroon flowy cardigan, some edgy bracelets I bought in Paris, and black skinnies. The look gave me a very “witchy/gypsy” vibe, so it was appropriate for a photo op on the Death Eater bridge #Ravenclaw4Lyf. At Buckingham Palace I stayed in the same outfit, because the maroon of the cardigan and the gold of the scarf looked very royal. At King’s Crossing, a little bit of attitude and a quick scarf change gave this look a fresh new take. I was feeling some serious “Okay witches, now let’s get in formation” vibes.


When I think of Oxford, I think of literature, preppy boys, and the elite. So naturally I channeled my inner C.S Lewis (with a high fashion twist). I wore a black fitted blazer, black photographer pants, brown boots, a camel pashmina that I draped and secured in place with a bee broach I bought in Paris (I named her Joan Rivers), a wool top hat, and black leather gloves. This look was inspired by my love fo­­r literature and fashion. I knew the scarf would pair beautifully with all black and the camel façade of the buildings in Oxford.

That same night we had our farewell dinner. I wore a nude knit sweater under my black blazer to showcase Joan Rivers (my fabulous Broach) in all her glory, and my Parisian bracelets.

Sandy’s Essentials #4

Scarves (such a versatile statement piece!)

Reading at its finest

THE Broach

Joan Rivers at her best

Impressed? Motivated? Hungry? Us too. Do you have any travel outfit tips? Share in the comments below!

Forward by Madeline M., Copywriting Intern for EF Ultimate Break.

Barcelona, Paris & London

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