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September 26, 2019 | Interests

TikTok, who’s there? It’s us. We’re on TikTok.

By Linnea G.

By now you’ve surely heard of TikTok. Maybe you’ve already even downloaded it yourself and are fully addicted. SAME. We are officially on TikTok and we have some thoughts. For those of you still out of the loop, TikTok is basically Vine, but on steroids. Videos can be up to a minute long, the editing functions are much better than on Instagram Stories, and your feed is all about what’s trending. Side note: I have a suspicion that our social media coordinator uses trending TikToks to make fun of me

TikTok is a strange and exciting place. The combination of high school drama, hilarious adults doing weird stuff, wildly creative people, and brands just trying to get in on the fun is so worth every second lost to the void of great videos (and trust me…we’ve lost hours to it so far).

At the end of the day, I’m here to tell you to follow us. Why, you might ask? Well, here’s a few reasons:

We love travel.

And we want to show you some of our favorite travel moments (often coming right from YOU, our travelers).

You can watch us try to make TikTok trends travel-related.

Sometimes it’s very possible, and I like to think, very funny… (also…Lizzo)

And sometimes, it’s impossible.

So we just forgo it all together…

You get to see what happens ~behind the curtain~.

It's not always pretty, but we like it.

Now that you’ve added us (you have added us by now, haven’t you?!) on TikTok, I guess we can give other TikTok’s some love.

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