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Do as the Romans

do on an Italy trip

Italy: the big sunny boot with the best food. The land of gelato and pasta and pizza and wine. From da Vinci’s masterpieces in Florence to the magnificent ruins of the Roman Colosseum, your Italy trip is guaranteed to be ** chef’s kiss **. Find which epic Italy trip fits you best below.

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Venice, Florence & Rome

10 days. 3 cities. Hit olive the highlights.

Pros: hit the canals of Venice, step into the Renaissance in Florence, and uncover ancient Rome all in one fell fettuccine-filled swoop.

Cons: it’s tough to walk around cobblestoned streets while carrying a 10-scoop-high gelato cone.

Italy & the Greek Islands

15 days. 5 cities. Everything’s better with feta.

Pros: the perfect pairing of beaches with big cities, pizza with gyros, and wine with more wine.

Cons: we just checked and you cannot use alfredo sauce as sunscreen.

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Ultimate Italy

17 days. 6 cities. Big trip, bigger cannolis.

Pros: all of the classics plus a taste of fashionable Milan, the ruins of Pompeii, and a slice of Sicily.

Cons: your body may be 10% pasta by the end of the trip.

Pasta pics or it didn’t happen.

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