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Europe Travel Guide

With history for millennia and dozens of the world’s most popular destinations, Europe has something for everyone. Looking for some R&R on the beach? We’d like you to meet our friends, the Greek Islands. Are you a food and drink junkie? Have a seat at one of Italy’s world class restaurants or pull up a stool in a Dublin pub. Looking for incredible art and architecture? There’s a little place in Spain called Barcelona that might be of interest to you. Whether you’re in the market for a quick, relaxing getaway or ready to set off on a month-long adventure, Europe has what you’re looking for.

A beautiful waterfall in Iceland.

Experience Europe

Never a dull moment, always a thrilling adventure.


Europe looks good for its age.

The Eiffel Tower.

Float past Paris’ most iconic landmarks on the Seine River


Art, music, super old buildings—you name it, Europe’s got it.

The Acropolis in Athens.

Climb to the top of Athens’ ancient Acropolis


Sometimes a glass of wine and a bath after work just doesn’t cut it.

Italian food and wine.

Drool over food and wine in the Tuscan countryside


Your friends may have “done” Europe, but not like this.

Gaze at Lake Geneva while summiting Rochers-de-Naye

A mountain range underneath an orange sky at sunset.
Flights. Accommodations. Activities. Rockstar Tour Director who knows a guy who’ll hook you up with an extra scoop of gelato.

This is group travel with EF Ultimate Break. Expertly crafted itineraries, everything included. We keep your stress levels low and holy-s#!t-that-was-awesome levels high.

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Fun facts

  • According to legend, Iceland’s Oxarafoss waterfall turns from water to wine on New Year’s Eve, which is convenient if you need a refill.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival (but nobody does it better than the Irish).
  • Londoners serve beer at...room temperature. Cheers?
  • Gustave Eiffel originally pitched his tower to Barcelona, but the city rejected it, fearing it would be an eyesore. #missedopportunity
  • Amsterdam boasts more museums per capita than any city in the world.
  • If you looked at all 35,000 works of art in the Louvre for 60 seconds each, it would take 64 days to see them all.
  • The iconic white pillars of Athens’ Parthenon were originally painted in multiple vivid colors.
  • Martigny, Switzerland is home to the world’s only St. Bernard Museum, which was named Best Place in the Universe...by us, just now.
  • At least six ravens live in the Tower of London , under the superstition that the tower will crumble and harm will befall the nation if they leave.

Eat like a local

Eating is why we travel, right?

Spanish tapas.


Barcelona Bite-size dishes like montaditos and patatas bravas (crispy, spicy potatoes).

Best ways to visit Europe

Immerse yourself in the continent that has it all.

A map of a Europe itinerary.
Cinque Terre in Italy.
A castle in Germany.
A beach in Europe.
The canals of Amsterdam.

Ultimate Europe

35 days. 14 cities. Become a student of Europe and an expert on awesome. Spend a month abroad and prove that things in the U.S. aren’t that old, espresso is your one true love, and travel is always the answer. This is your odyssey. This is Ultimate Europe.

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Grand Tour of Europe

30 days. 11 cities. Swap out study (or work life) for sunsets and selfies for an entire month in Europe. History, nightlife and museums are balanced with a healthy dose of life on the Mediterranean, where they make lazy look stylish.

A map of a Europe trip itinerary.
The Eiffel Tower at night.
The London Bridge.
Trevi Fountain in Rome.
The vast countryside in Switzerland.
A map of a Europe trip itinerary.
The London Eye.
The canals of Amsterdam.
A bridge over a river in Dublin.

Highlights of Europe

24 days. 9 cities. Explore castles, cathedrals, and cozy little cobblestone streets. Hear at least six different languages (more if you count English accents).

European Road Trip

17 days. 7 cities. Get ready for a Euro trip through five countries (yes, five) that will take you from windmills and winding canals to clock towers and cathedrals. Eat, drink, and explore your way through some of Europe’s most iconic cities.

A map of a Europe trip itinerary.
A charming European city at sunset.
A group of travelers looking at the Alps mountain range from a viewing point.
The skyline of Florence, Italy.
A bowl of gelato in Europe.
We know a spot or two

Europe has no shortage of iconic destinations—let’s get into it.


A history buff’s dream, London has a wealth of famous landmarks (think Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral) backed up by its rich culture.


A maze of beauty you’ll be thrilled to get lost in. Walk or bike along picturesque canals and stumble upon one-of-a-kind attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, the floating Bloemenmarkt, or the Anne Frank house.


The Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower— Paris clearly has no shortage of inviting sights. Top it off with coffee and a pastry at a French café for the perfect visit.


Rome offers so much more than incredible Tuscan pasta—it’s got gelato, too! Walk all the food off towards historic landmarks like the Colosseum, St. Paul’s Basilica, and the Roman Forum.


The ideal day in Dublin? Start with a full Irish breakfast, hit the Guinness Storehouse and learn to pour the perfect pint, then take in castles and museums before dancing the night away at world-class pubs.


Between the volcanic landscapes, cliffside vineyards, and whitewashed villages with pastel-colored homes, visiting Santorini is like being transported into a watercolor painting.


Can’t decide between a beach trip, foodie’s paradise, sightseeing adventure, or the ultimate nightlife getaway? Meet Barcelona.


Home to the world’s most famous beer hall and once ranked the world’s most livable city, Munich is a major center of German entertainment, art and music.


At 16 centuries young, Prague boasts an abundance of sightseeing opportunities to Czech out , including Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the John Lennon Wall.

Swiss Alps

Summiting the Swiss Alps will be one of those moments where the rest of the world doesn’t matter and you ask yourself, “What could ever top this?”

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Take it from them👇

Our travelers love visiting Europe, and they aren’t afraid to tell us.

“From the moment I stepped off the plane in Madrid to our final minutes saying goodbye in Athens, this trip completely exceeded my expectations. You’ll have a greater understanding of other cultures and ways of life. Not to mention the incredible food (yum yum) and sights, too!”

— Jaymee, EF Ultimate Break traveler

“Made new friends, learned new words, fell in love with the world and all that it had to offer. Switzerland, Prague, and Munich were so much fun. Pizza in Rome was amazing, and the French do know a thing or two about sweets.”

— Sarah, EF Ultimate Break traveler

Europe with a group vs. solo

Young adults looking to see Europe often find themselves in a dilemma: plan everything yourself with friends, or plan everything yourself and go solo. The idea of Europe with friends sounds great at first, but once you start trying to coordinate busy schedules, varying budgets, and finding a way to hit everyone’s “must see” city, the logistics can become overwhelming.

Traveling solo might sound like a fun adventure—and we’re all for stepping out of your comfort zone—but then who’s going to help you finish all that pasta in Florence, be there for a champagne toast under the Eiffel Tower, and hold the camera for all your glamour shots along the way? (Remember: pics or it didn’t happen.)

So what’s better, group travel or solo travel? Why not both! EF Ultimate Break offers the best of both worlds. Sign up solo, but travel with a group of soon-to-be BFFs. Once you arrive, you’ll say “hola!” or “bonjour!” or just “what’s up?” to a group of other like-minded travelers who, like you, just want to experience Europe in all its glory.

Why EF Ultimate Break?

Picture yourself getting off a plane in Europe for the first time. You don’t speak the language or know your way around, fumbling around with your suitcases trying to hail a cab to take you to a hotel with a name you can’t pronounce. Sure, you can hop on Google and try to figure out the best places to go—but good luck finding any of the countless off-the-beaten-path gems that make Europe so special. Plus, every minute you spend trying to figure out what to do and where to go is time you’re not spending exploring and soaking up the culture, and you worked so hard to get here!

With EF Ultimate Break, you can forget about all those concerns. Our expert European Tour Directors live, eat, and breathe travel. With your destination as their canvas and your tour group as their brush, watch in awe as your dedicated Tour Director goes Pablo Picasso on your trip, painting a new unforgettable experience with every stroke.

So don’t worry; sit back and relax while we book your flights, hotels, and everything else you’ll need on your journey knowing your masterpiece awaits.

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