How to earn free travel
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Three ways to earn free travel

Refer your friends

Once you’ve booked a trip with us, you can send referral emails directly from your online account. When friends use your referral link for a different trip, they’ll save $100 at checkout and you’ll get $100 in credit for your next trip.

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Be an Ambassador

Apply to be a Brand Ambassador to earn travel credit when you get friends and followers traveling. This is a side hustle that takes you places—literally.

Travel with a group
A lot of you

Want to plan a trip with 9 or more friends? We can help everyone in the group save when you book together—and your spot could be FREE.

A few of you

If you’re in a group of 3 or 4, everyone saves $100. A group of 5–7? Save $150 each. 8 or more in your group means everyone saves $200.

Just call us to save.

Group discounts are not combinable with repeat traveler or referral discounts.

Let’s talk it out

Want some help figuring out which route is right for you? We’re here for you.

Monday–Thursday, 9am–7pm ET.
Friday, 9am–5:30pm ET.

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