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15 travel hacks more useful than your basic “roll your clothes”

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to have the best travel experience every time.

Kevin M.

Working at a travel company means two things: we think about travel a lot…and we travel a lot. Oh, and we say things like “this croissant is good, but it’s nothing like the one I had in Paris.” Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to have the best travel experience every time. We constantly talk about how to save time, spend less, and find that French café that has even better croissants than the last one.

So when I decided to go around the office and ask people for their favorite travel tip, trick, or hack, everyone had something to say. Except for one guy, but that’s because I snuck up on him and he spilled his coffee.

So here they are: the best travel hacks from a group of people who live (and work) for travel:

  1. “Bring a pillow case to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes.”

—Abby, Trip Consultant

  1. “Ask locals—not the hotel concierge—where to eat.”

—Justin, Trip Expert

  1. “When your train or bus is at a station stop, spread out across the neighboring seat and pretend to sleep. No one is going to wake you up, and you end up with the entire row to yourself.”

—Michael, Copywriter

  1. “Snacks. Always pack snacks.”

—Kaitlin, Trip Consultant

  1. “Use a cross body bag. They are NOT overrated.”

—Kara, Trip Expert

  1. “Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.”

—Kyriakos, Tour Director

  1. “Pack an empty duffel in your suitcase to slowly fill up with souvenirs.”

—Grace, Trip Consultant

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  1. “Fold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or jewelry in cellophane before packing to keep everything straight and untangled.”

—Emily, Trip Consultant

  1. “Pack a portable charger so your phone isn't dead when you see the coolest thing you’ve ever seen ever and want to take a pic.”

—Micaela, Trip Consultant

  1. “Download city maps to use offline.”

—Gavin, Tour Director

  1. “Bring an orange as a snack on the plane. When you peel it, it also freshens the air around you (which is good if you’re seated next to someone with B.O.)”

—Linnea, Content Marketing

  1. “Wear a hat to the airport—when you get to TSA you can put your belongings in it. #Efficiency”

—Ryan, Trip Consultant

  1. “Pick a color scheme when packing. This way you can mix and match. Then use scarves for pops of color/patterns.”

—Caitlyn, Trip Consultant

  1. “Pack everything you think you need for a trip. And then only take 70% of it.”

—Armin, Operations

  1. “Don’t pack or bring anything with you, travel with nothing and just buy everything you need there. Clothes, toothbrush, shoes. Therefore, everything you buy will be a souvenir!”

—Matt, Designer

Congratulations! You made it to the bottom of the list. Which means you are now equipped with everything you need to be the travel boss you know you are. Go forth!

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