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The world is reopening

These destinations are welcoming back U.S. travelers now.


No vaccination required.

Costa Rica

Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.

Dominican Republic

Vaccination required.

Ecuador & the Galapagos

No vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.


Vaccination required.

United States of America

No vaccination required.


Do you have vaccine requirements?

Most tours currently require all travelers to be fully vaccinated (with the exception of tours within the United States and Belize) due to country requirements, US Department of State and CDC guidance, and operational feasibility.

Do I need to get a COVID test before traveling?

At a minimum we require all travelers to either receive a negative COVID PCR test within 72 hours of your tour departure or to be fully vaccinated. Some destinations may also require vaccinated travelers to present a negative COVID test upon entry. If a traveler receives a positive COVID test within 72 hours of departure they may not travel on tour and will be rebooked.

In addition to pre-tour testing, the United States Centers for Disease Control currently requires all travelers to provide a negative antigen or PCR COVID test before boarding international flights into the U.S regardless of vaccination status. This test must be taken no more than 72 hours before departure. EF is currently facilitating traveler testing to meet this requirement.

Travelers are responsible for all COVID testing costs and must be prepared to show test results to any parties that require them on tour including, but not limited to, airlines and other suppliers.

What if my trip gets postponed due to COVID?

If your trip is unexpectedly postponed due to travel restrictions or COVID safety concerns, you can reschedule to a different trip or a later date for free, or receive a future travel voucher for 100% of the money you’ve paid. We are currently notifying travelers approximately 45 days before departure if their tour is being postponed due to travel restrictions or COVID concerns.

Are you adjusting rooming or group sizes on tour?

In some cases group sizes are being adjusted based on local guidelines, vaccination requirements and other operational considerations.

Currently our standard rooming will include a maximum of three travelers per room on tours where vaccinations are not required; this may change as the situation evolves. Ultimate Plus tours always have a maximum of two travelers per room.

For details regarding a specific trip, give us a call at 1-800-766-2645 or chat with us live.

Will I need to wear a mask on tour?

We require all travelers to wear a mask on tour when required by local law, other relevant authorities, or at the direction of their Tour Director or EF staff. We are currently requiring all travelers to wear masks when on all tour buses. At this time, travelers who have been vaccinated and/or recently recovered from COVID are not exempt from wearing masks.

Do I need travel insurance?

While destinations such as Costa Rica and the Galapagos, currently require proof of international medical insurance, we believe it’s important to be protected while traveling and encourage all travelers to purchase travel insurance. That’s why we offer affordable Travel Protection, designed specifically to meet the needs of EF travelers, which can be purchased during checkout.

Please note for Costa Rica the minimum coverage required is 50,000 USD in COVID-19-related medical expenses and 2,000 USD for extended lodging expenses due to COVID-19 related illness or quarantine. Travelers who purchase their own travel insurance must bring a certificate of proof of purchase and coverage.

What other safety guidelines should I be aware of on tour?

Travelers are expected to comply with safety measures outlined in our Safe Traveler Agreement 14 days prior to departure as well as all local guidelines and regulations. See the current version of the agreement here. Our global team has worked hard to make our trips the safest way to the see the world. See how we do it here.

What else will be different about my trip?

Some aspects of your tour experience might be impacted by local restrictions such as businesses operating at reduced hours and/or reduced capacity. In some rare cases, we may need to adjust the itinerary. Restrictions and itinerary adjustments will be communicated to travelers approximately 45 days before departure.

What if I am exposed to COVID and need to quarantine/miss part of my tour?

If you are either diagnosed with COVID-19 while on tour or required to quarantine on account of COVID-19 while on tour, EF will provide or arrange for support including lodging, meals, translation services, and more at no additional cost. EF will also provide a voucher for missed time on tour.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, give us a call at 1-800-766-2645 or chat live with a Trip Expert during these hours:
Monday–Thursday, 9am–7pm ET.
Friday, 9am–5:30pm ET.

We’re here to help

Questions about booking your trip? Give us a call at 1-800-766-2645 or chat live with a Trip Expert.

Monday–Thursday, 9am–7pm ET.
Friday, 9am–5:30pm ET.

EF COVID Care Promise

We’ve got you covered in case of COVID-related trip disruption.

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