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We make travel stupid simple.

It’s so easy, explaining “The Cloud” to your parents requires more effort.

Photo by Kimi S. on Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland


Pick your trip

Are you getting your tan on in Santorini? Enjoying a caffeine jolt under the Eiffel Tower? With our 60+ trips, you can go all over. The only thing you need to do is decide where.


Book it

You don’t need to put a ring on it (usually just a $150 deposit locks in your spot). If within 48 hours you’re like, “eh, never mind” you get your deposit back. Plain and simple. And, if you want to change your trip after you book. No problem. You can change it up to 99 days before you leave.

Photo by Sara D. in Belize


Pay over time

Choose how—and when—you pay with our interest-free payments. Whether it’s with automatic payments, referral bonuses, or your personal Ultimate Break donation page, paying for your trip has never been easier.


Meet your fellow travelers

About 30 days before your trip leaves, you’ll get an invite to a private Facebook group for your trip. Use this group as a chance to (virtually) meet your fellow travelers. Your Tour Director will also introduce themselves a few weeks before you leave.



Grab your travel fedora. (Every good adventure requires a travel fedora.) It’s time. You’ll be traveling like a local, with a local—AKA your Tour Director. As a logistical guru and travel ninja rolled into one, they’re with you 24/7 to ensure your trip ends up being awesome. Just like you.

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