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Live your best life on Greeks Go Global trips

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that going far away—like, really far away from campus—brings you closer to the ones you travel with. So call your big, text your grandlittle, you’re taking a trip—together. Find the perfect trip for your sorority or fraternity below.

Trips designed for Greek life travelers (& friends!)

Greeks to Greece

13 days. 5 cities. You feta believe it.

Whether you’re looking for a little you-time, infinite beach time, or a whole lot of party time, the Greek Islands are perfect for your next adventure.

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Greeks to Greece: Athens, Ios & Santorini

9 days. 3 cities. All killer, no filler.

This trip is all white sand beaches, exciting new foods, and epic sunsets from clifftop vistas. Get ready to dance the nights away, enjoy glasses on glasses of wine, splash around in the Aegean Sea, and fall head over heels for the Greek Islands.

Greeks to Spain

10 days. 3 cities. Beaches, bass, bring on the sangria.

Taste patatas bravas on chopitos on albóndigas on chorizo in Barcelona’s tapas bars, dance yourself clean to the intoxicating bass music in Ibiza’s legendary night clubs, and experience some of the world’s finest art at Madrid’s famous museums.

Greeks to Italy & Greece

13 days. 4 cities. Pasta? Check. Sunshine? Check.

Be a Gladiator in the Colosseum, explore the beauty of Southern Italy, nerd out on all things Greek mythology, and unwind on a white sand beach, drink in hand, on one of Greece’s breathtaking islands.

Greeks to London & Paris

9 days. 2 cities. Goes together like wine & cheese.

Anyone looking for a jam-packed adventure through two of Europe’s greatest metropolises ought to look no further than this.

Greeks to Thailand

10 days. 2 cities. Beaches that are also nightclubs.

Equal parts exotic paradise, culinary delight, and all-around friendliest place in the world, Thailand is begging to be explored.

Greeks to the Caribbean

8 days. 3 cities. Snorkel and swim with your friends.

Experience true Caribbean paradise in the Dominican Republic. Strap in for eight days of exploring, eating, dancing, and relaxing on white-sand beaches as you explore your way through your new favorite island.

Greeks to France

13 days. 4 cities. Dreaming croissant dreams.

This trip is culture meets the French outdoors meets buttery carbs. From classic hits like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to sky-high mountains in the French Alps and relaxing beaches in the French Riviera—this is France like it’s meant to be seen.

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