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Three women smiling and standing in front of the Pyramids of Giza

Better Together: 7 Benefits of Group Travel to Egypt

The trick to an unforgettable trip to Egypt? Traveling with a group. We could write a book about all the reasons why (don’t even get us started on the friends you’ll make), but to save us some time here, we picked out the highlights.

by EF Ultimate Break

Egypt is #trending. It’s soared to the top of travel bucket lists everywhere, and for good reason. Whether you want to feast your eyes on ancient pyramids with your own two eyes, sail down the Nile River on a freaking cruise, or snorkel with new friends (the fish, we mean) in the Red Sea—Egypt is waiting.

So, it’s not a question of if you’re going to Egypt, but rather a question of how. Coming from a company that specializes in group travel, our suggestion probably won’t surprise you—go with a group! And not just because we said so. We put together a list of 7 real benefits of traveling to Egypt with a group. Let’s get into it. it's

The three Pyramids of Giza in front of a blue and yellow sky

Travel confidence

Everyone wants to travel with peace of mind. Because when you do, you can truly relax and enjoy yourself. Traveling with a group to Egypt will give you that and allow you to focus on things that matter, like being absolutely bamboozled by the grandeur of the pyramids.

But remember, when traveling somewhere new and unfamiliar, it’s important to keep your wits about you. Pickpocketing exists, so be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your belongings. Not only is there strength in numbers, but by going with a group like EF Ultimate Break, you’ll have a local guide who knows all about tourist scams and how to avoid them. Speaking of your guide…

A guide you can trust

A good guide will teach you. A great guide will bring constant enthusiasm. An EF Ultimate Break Tour Director will do both plus show you the perfect, less crowded spot for a pic of the pyramids. These rockstars do it all. Not only will they make sure you get from point A to point B, but they’ll also help you prioritize things to do and take time to explain why exactly you’re looking at a bunch of mummified crocodiles.

Our Egypt Tour Directors are vetted to ensure you are traveling around a new country with someone you can trust. They’re also vetted to ensure you have someone who will make you laugh when you’re sleep deprived and moments away from facing your fear of heights in a hot air balloon over the Egyptian desert.

Several colorful herbs and spices on display at an Egyptian market

Taste bud heaven

You don’t want to miss out on a single bite in Egypt, and the best way to make sure you don’t is to—you guessed it—go with a group. If you eat with 10 people and all 10 people order something different (and are willing to share), you can taste 10 different things. If you eat alone, you may only get to try one thing. Now we’re not saying you can’t order 10 things by yourself, but you get the point, right? When you travel with a group, you try more food. And when you try more food, you get more happy.

Several sailboats on the Nile River with sand along the coast in the background and blue skies

Stress-free transportation

On a group trip, your transportation is taken care of—from the moment you touch down in the Cairo airport to the moment you get back to the airport on your last day. This means bus rides, flights, and even boat travel is pre-arranged. No haggling with drivers, no taxi scams. Just stress-free travel.

Just like our guides, our drivers in Egypt are vetted to ensure you get the most capable and skilled professionals. And by the way, if they’re honking and getting honked at constantly, they’re doing nothing wrong. Egyptians use their horns to communicate—seriously, it’s basically a different language.

Built-in BFFs

How many times have you tried to get your friends to agree on travel plans? It can be hard enough to pick a brunch spot, let alone plan a trip to Egypt. Now we’re not saying ditch your friends, but…yeah, ditch your friends and take the Egypt trip anyways.

One of the best parts of group travel is in the name—the group! It might sound cheesy, but friends you make while traveling might just become friends for life. Bonding (crying?) over that 3:30am alarm clock for an epic day in Egypt just brings you closer.

Columns from the remains of an Egyptian temple with hieroglyphic carvings

No planning needed

Planning is hard. And time consuming. And be honest, wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing other things like staring off into space or taking a nap? When you book a group trip with EF Ultimate Break, we’ll do it all for you. We have a team of experts who meticulously plan itineraries and make sure you experience the best of the best.

Not only will we make sure you see the highlights, but we’ll also book your flights to and from Egypt (unless you want to handle that yourself), your hotels, and—in some cases—your cruise on the Nile. All you have to do is click a few buttons to book the trip, pack your bags, and show up. There’s no easier way to experience Egypt.

A woman wearing a hat and smiling in front of the Great Sphinx

Better photos

Group trips attract people from all walks of life with all kinds of interests, but one thing’s for certain—every group has at least one traveler who’s mastered the art of the Instagram photo. Find this person, befriend this person, and then ask them nicely to take the most iconic photo imaginable of you in front of the Great Sphinx.

You will without a doubt get better photos in a group than if you travel solo. This is especially true in Egypt, where locals may happily agree to take your pic, only to demand payment for a blurry photo your 5-year-old nephew could have taken better.

Well, there you have it, folks. Egypt is amazing, but it’s even more amazing when you experience it with a group. So send out that “last chance” text to your friends, and when they inevitably drag their feet, come back and book your Egypt trip with us.

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