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Traveling to the Middle East? Easy as Pita.

When we take care of accommodations, activities, Tour Directors, and more, traveling through the Middle East has never been simpler—or more fun.

by EF Ultimate Break

Picture it—you’re floating in the Dead Sea like the mermaid that you are, photosynthesizing at the lowest point on Earth. Or flying high above the dawn-kissed sand dunes of Jordan in a hot air balloon. Or shading your eyes against the sun as you gaze at the Great Pyramid of Giza. No, it's not a movie. Just your life on a trip to the Middle East.

With our Middle East travel packages, we take care of all the planning, so your adventure is a total dream, not a drag. Accommodations, breakfasts, Welcome and Farewell dinners and other included meals, built-in travel BFFs—it’s all handled. Transporation from city to city and country to country? All set. You’ll even have access to a 24/7 emergency support team so you can feel 100% at ease while you’re traipsing around the world. Need another reason to experience Middle East travel? One word: falafel.

Whether you want to pack in as much as you can and bop from country to country or take your time and deep dive into just one, we’ve got the group trip for you.

The Great Sphinx in Egypt with people on camels in the background.


See more, do more, and cross more off the ol’ bucket list.

Egypt & Jordan: Pyramids to Petra
11 days, 4 cities

Why choose one dreamy desert destination when you can easily hit up TWO? Travel back in time on a trip to Egypt and Jordan, where you can channel your inner archaeologist (we all have one) and ponder the mysteries of two ancient countries with your fellow travelers. First on the agenda is exploring Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, then hopping across the Nile to gawk at the main event: the Pyramids. Yes, they really are that impressive. And don’t forget to wave to the iconic Great Sphinx, because it’s literally right there. Casual.

In Jordan, you’ll get to know the bustling capital of Amman and wander the ancient Greco-Roman Jerash ruins before heading to Petra, the awe-inspiring remains of a 2300-year-old city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you’re not afraid of heights (or even if you are, because this one’s a serious can’t-miss) catch a sunrise view of the mesmerizing Wadi Rum desert landscape from a hot air balloon.

But wait, this trip’s not all about endless deserts and sand dunes. Ever heard of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth? Well, it’s one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, so you can float effortlessly, soak up the glorious Middle Eastern sunshine, and pause to think to yourself, “Is this real life?”

Israel & Jordan: Deserts & the Dead Sea
12 days, 5 cities

Oh, look, it’s another amazing adventure to TWO countries in the Middle East! In Israel and Jordan, ancient meets new, rolling desert meets sparkling sea, and you meet the best falafel you’ve ever eaten. Kick off your trip in Amman with some city strolling and ruin-gazing before floating the day away in the salty, mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea and taking in the carved splendor of Petra.

Ancient stone ruins and columns with densely packed buildings on a hill in the background.

No trip to Jordan is complete without a desert odyssey, and Wadi Rum—a spot so otherworldly that they actually filmed The Martian and Star Wars there—is the perfect backdrop. You’ll watch the sun go down from atop a sand dune, then watch it come back up from a hot air balloon, then cruise through the sand on a tour of the Wadi Rum Valley in a Jeep 4x4.

Your journey through time continues as you cross into Israel, where the historical blends with the spiritual. In cobblestoned Jerusalem, the crossroads of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, you’ll explore the Old City, visit the famous Wailing Wall, and learn about important locations like Israel’s largest Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem.

Last stop is Tel Aviv, a modern and metropolitan end to a historical jaunt through the Middle East. Get ready to soak up the city vibes, admire some sweet architecture, inhale all the tasty Israeli bites, and dive into the world-famous nightlife scene.


“An absolutely amazing itinerary bolstered by a fantastic Tour Director and a welcoming group. I expected to enjoy the Israel part of the tour more, but I ended up falling in love with Jordan. Wadi Rum felt out of this world and was by far my favorite part of the trip. The tour had a great balance between adventure and downtime. I also appreciated the contrast between the historical beauty of Jordan and Jerusalem compared to the vibrant night life of Tel Aviv. 10/10 would recommend. It was an experience I hold close to my heart.”

— Mitchell, traveled Jun. 2022

Ancient stone ruins and columns with densely packed buildings on a hill in the background.


Experience the highlights of one country on a deeper level.

Journey to Jordan
8 days, 3 cities

Journey to Jordan is great if you want to dip your toes into Middle East travel—it’s on the shorter side, so it fits nicely into PTO or vacation time, and it highlights one country (which is awesome, because Jordan deserves your full attention). This eight-day adventure will take you from the vibrant streets of Amman to the gawk-worthy wonders of Petra and other ancient ruins to the rolling sand dunes of the Wadi Rum desert.

Starting in Amman you’ll experience the bustling city's rich culture and history. The bustling markets, drool-worthy local cuisine, and friendly atmosphere make Amman the perfect way to begin your trip. After a short drive from Amman, you’ll stroll amidst the amazingly preserved Greco-Roman ruins of Jerash before and an afternoon of FLOATING IN THE DEAD SEA. Typical day? We think not.

The crown jewel of Jordan—and a huge reason why people visit—is the ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra. And you’ll go there. After a short trek through the narrow Siq, or canyon, you’ll catch your first glimpse of the iconic Treasury façade and explore the city’s intricate carved architecture.

How does a night of stargazing under the desert sky sound? Good, because that’s what you’ll be doing in Wadi Rum. You can also start the day with a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the Mars-like terrain as the landscape comes alive with the sunrise. Then, buckle up for a seat-gripping 4x4 desert tour, navigating through the dramatic sand dunes and sights you wouldn’t be able to experience on foot.

A woman walking toward the entrance of a carved stone temple.

Egypt: Cruise the Nile
10 days, 4 cities

Where can you see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, get up close and personal with King Tut, and experience more of Egypt from your own ship? On Egypt: Cruise the Nile, that’s where.

Sightseeing, hieroglyph-translating, and river-cruising through Egypt for 10 days will leave you absolutely spellbound. Your trip will start with a tour of Cairo before you hop over to Giza for some Pyramid-gawking and an up-close encounter with the biggest cat with a human head you’ve ever seen: the Sphinx.

The next few days revolve around one of the most famous rivers on Earth—the Nile. First, you’ll get to take in panoramic views from a felucca, or a traditional Egyptian sailboat. Then you’ll spend three nights and four days aboard another ship from Aswan to Luxor, stopping to explore ancient temples, soaking up the sun while learning about the region, and picking up souvenirs at the local markets.

Your Egyptian cruise ends at Luxor, where you’ll not only visit the Valley of the Kings and King Tut’s tomb (don’t worry, there’s no curse) but also start the day with a sunrise balloon ride over the desert. If that’s not a dream come true, we don’t know what is.

Adventure Awaits!

“Amazing trip! For the adventurer looking to discover the world's greatest history. It’s really incredible to discover ancient Egypt and all the beauty Egypt has to offer. The cruise is very nice and adds a bit of relaxation and luxe to the trip. Other than that, it’s go time at all times! But well worth it! Our Tour Director was so knowledgeable and open to helping us experience everything we wanted in Egypt. Highly recommend this trip as it's a once in a lifetime chance!”

—Andrea, traveled Jul. 2023

Egypt Expedition
11 days, 4 cities

If just the idea of spending a few days on a boat makes you queasy but you still dream of Egypt, then you’re in luck. We’ve got a trip that packs all that ancient Egyptian epicness into 11 days, minus the cruise and plus beach time. Egypt Expedition will take you from the pyramids of Giza to the ancient temples of Luxor to the sparkling shores of the Red Sea for one unforgettable adventure.

Dive into the heart of Egypt, Cairo, on a tour highlighting the city’s vibrant culture and history, followed by a day trip across the Nile to the OG skyscrapers of the desert, the Pyramids of Giza. Throw in an encounter with the mysterious Sphinx and it's like you're stepping into a legit history book.


The busy, neon streets of Tokyo, Japan.

In Luxor, you’ll explore the Valley of the Kings and the renowned tomb of King Tut, but if you’re looking for some views, a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the desert should do it.

To wrap up your historical desert odyssey, the seaside resort town of Hurghada awaits. That’s right, Egypt isn’t all desert and dead pharaohs—it’s bordered by two gorgeous bodies of water to the north and east. Swim and snorkel through the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea alongside mesmerizing marine life, or kick back and soak up the sun at Mahmya’s pristine worldclass beaches.

A once in a lifetime experience

“Everything was so well-organized and planned out, and our Tour Director was entirely informative, empathetic, and fun. The sights you will see are awe-inspiring. Don't sleep on the temples or the monuments. Embrace the chaotic nature of Cairo and the peace of the pastoral scenes around Luxor. Make sure to do the hot air balloon ride - you will not regret it (even if it seems scary to you right now!) The tour is very fast paced at the beginning, but the last few days in Hurghada are pure relaxation and fun which will help you recover.”

—Cristina, traveled June 2023

Turkey: Istanbul & Cappadocia
8 days, 2 cities

Picture it: you’re wandering through the ancient streets of Istanbul, standing in awe of the Hagia Sophia mosque, floating above the extraterrestrial landscapes of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon at sunrise, and getting your shop on at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. That's exactly what’s waiting for you on Turkey: Istanbul & Cappadocia, aka the trip of a lifetime.

The busy, neon streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Your 10 days of Turkish delights start in Istanbul, where east meets west, Asia meets Europe, and hopefully a lot of döner kebabs meet your taste buds. On a tour of the Old Town, you'll stroll through the magical streets and visit the iconic Hagia Sophia mosque with its grand Byzantine architecture. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can spend your free day on a cruise of the Bosphorus River or hit up a traditional Turkish spa. But if haggling for treasures at the 4,000 shops of the city’s largest bazaar sounds like your kind of heaven, then by all means, go for it.

Next, it's off to Cappadocia in central Turkey, on the Asian side of the country, although you might wake up from a snooze on your quick flight and think you’ve landed on Mars instead. Head down (that’s right, down) to Cappadocia’s ancient city of Kaymakli, built eight stories underground, and get all the dreamy content of the landscape at Göreme National Park. Bookend the day with a sunrise hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia and some belly dancing in a cave restaurant at a traditional Turkish night show.

The busy, neon streets of Tokyo, Japan.

See what we mean? A trip to the Middle East is accessible with EF Ultimate Break, and our Middle East travel packages also make it easy and stress-free. All you need to do is decide where you want to go—we’ll do everything else. Whether you want to explore multiple countries or keep it local with just one, we’ve got the trip to make your Middle Eastern fantasy a reality.

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