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Safe, stress-free group trips for solo travelers. Ages 18–35 with everything included.

If you wait on your friends, you may never take that trip. Book solo with us, enjoy the safety and structure of group travel, and meet a bunch of new BFFs along the way. Get ready to country-hop through Europe, bask on a beach in the Latin American sun, hike North America’s national parks, or whatever your bucket list calls for.

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Germany, Italy & Switzerland

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My first solo trip to Belize really sucked me into how much I loved traveling solo with EF. They handled everything from airport transfer to hotels to day tours to local guides and more. Of the five trips I’ve taken since that first one, four have been solo. It's my favorite way to do it and I get to meet the greatest people from around the country.

Jake, EF Ultimate Break traveler

Belize: Rainforests, Reefs & Ruins

As someone who’s a bit reserved and never traveled solo before, I was worried about making friends. I almost paid extra just to have a room all to myself. That would have been a huge mistake! The group of girls I roomed with developed a friendship that has lasted far beyond the trip.

Kendall, EF Ultimate Break traveler

I started traveling with EF because I was too nervous to plan trips on my own, and I couldn’t always find someone to travel with. When I got to the airport and there were EF travelers waiting, I hit it off with them right away and knew I could count on this company. This trip really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I found out how much I am capable of.

Kaylynn, EF Ultimate Break traveler

I was nervous about traveling alone, not knowing much just that EF plans everything. Once I got on my tour all the stress was gone. Tour Director: AMAZING. Transportation: FLAWLESS. Hotels: PERFECT. By the time everyone met for the welcome mixer we were all full of laughs. I ended up making more friends than I could’ve imagined.

Davion, EF Ultimate Break traveler

Solo travel sounded fun but I was so nervous I wasn’t going to make any friends or be too scared to do stuff by myself. I ended up coming home with 20+ new girl friends, and I even explored Galway by myself one day and really got out of my comfort zone!

Cecelia, EF Ultimate Break traveler

The perfect balance of guided itinerary and free time, which allowed me to make my trip completely unique. I was able to push through my comfort zone and check off my own bucket list adventures. Even as a solo traveler, the connections between everyone were instantaneous!

Sarah, EF Ultimate Break traveler

I booked my first trip solo after literally years of contemplation. I knew no one, and I had never been out of the country before, so I was both super nervous really excited! Not only did I have an effortlessly amazing time, but I made such wonderful friends along the way, and we plan on traveling together again in the future.

Ashley, EF Ultimate Break traveler

Traveling solo with EF was a game changer for me! I had struggled with coordinating trips with friends who had different schedules, budgets, or destination desires. Not only could I find trips that were the best fit for me, I was also able to make friends with likeminded people from across the country!

Zoe, EF Ultimate Break traveler

"Traveling solo?” text over a woman in a hat walking alone down a street.

Why travel solo with EF Ultimate Break

We handle it all

Our trips include everything: accommodations, activities, daily breakfasts, and a pro Tour Director who knows all the hot spots and hidden gems. And that’s just the beginning.

Our safe travel promise

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“Show me everything”

Our longest Europe trips and the ultimate brag for all future travel conversations.

Your dream getaway made easy

Sign up solo and travel with likeminded 18–35-year-olds without the worries of planning anything.

Everything included.

We provide everything: hotels, daily meals, planned activities (plus free time!), a rockstar Tour Director and so. Much. More.

Pay over time.

Taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip shouldn’t be a financial burden. That’s why we offer no-interest, no-fee payment plans.

We got your back.

We’ve got teams in over 114 countries, ready to help and support you whenever and wherever you need us.

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Solo travel vs. group travel: pros and cons

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Why you should leave your friends behind and go solo

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