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Beaches for days.
History for millennia.
Baklava for breakfast.

Greece Travel Guide

Greece is old and new, land and sea, wine and…more wine. Known for its rich history, breathtaking islands, and unforgettable nightlife, Greece is nothing short of paradise.

Experience Greece

It’s about time you had some “opa!” in your life.

Majestic islands

Sun, shining. You, thriving. Wine and tan lines guaranteed.

Snap a photo of Ios’ iconic cliff-top windmills

Ancient history

Life in Greece goes waaaay back.

Hike to the top of Athens’ ancient & famous Acropolis

Endless indulgences

Trust us, you’ll never run out of things to do, eat, or drink.

Sample ouzo, the local anise-flavored aperitif, at a taverna

Flights. Hotels. Activities. Rockstar Tour Director that knows a local taverna with the best fried calamari.

This is group travel with EF Ultimate Break. Expertly crafted itineraries, everything included. We keep your stress levels low and holy-s#!t-that-was-awesome levels high.

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Language: Greek
Currency: Euro
Capital: Athens
Go-To Ingredient: Olive oil
Must See: Parthenon, duh
Must Instagram: Santorini sunset
Soak Up: The Aegean Sea
Sip On: Ouzo or red wine
Stay Up: Till sunrise
By the Beard Of: Zeus

Phrases to know

Hello / Goodbye: YAH-soo
Thank You: Eff-kha-ri-STOE
Where is...?: Poh-EE-nay
Cheers!: STIN-eh YAH-mas
Opa!: Excitement, enthusiasm, or surprise
Kafenio: Greek café
Ellinikos: Coffee
Peratzatha: People-watching
Filoxenia: Reflects Greece’s warm hospitality, meaning “friend to a stranger”

Eat like a local

More than just feta cheese, baklava, gyros, and olives—satisfy your Olympus-sized appetite with these other Greek staples.


Tomato, pepper, or zucchini stuffed with rice (or meat) and herbs, served with yogurt sauce for dipping.

Best ways to visit Greece

We've been building the best Greece itineraries since Zeus was in diapers.

Ultimate Greek Islands

17 days. 7 cities. Paradise served with extra pita.

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The Greek Islands

11 days. 4 cities. White, turquoise and tzatziki sauce all over.

Italy & the Greek Islands

15 days. 5 cities. First: culture and carbs in Florence and Rome. Then: island beaches.

Rome, the Amalfi Coast & Greece

11 days. 5 cities. Roman history meets the Italian coast meets Greek mythology.

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We know a spot or two

We could go on and on about Greece’s iconic destinations. And we’re going to. Right now.


Geek out on ancient Greek history in the city that started it all (Western philosophy, democracy, the Olympic Games, clock towers, need we go on?).


Corfu is home to some of the world’s oldest olive groves, planted by 16th-century Venetians. Olive oil fans, repeat after me: “Thank you, Corfu. I love you, Corfu. You’re my everything, Corfu.”


White sand, black sand, gold sand; party beach, empty beach, nap-off-the-all-night-dance-party-hangover beach—take your pick.


Known for all-day ragers and all-night...well, ragers...Ios is the perfect place to let loose. Need some quiet? May we suggest gazing out at the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea?


Volcanic landscapes, cliffside vineyards, whitewashed villages with bright-colored pastel homes—Santorini feels like a straight-up watercolor painting.


75 miles of coastline means world-class beaches are a given—but explore deeper and find charming, rural neighborhoods and lively villages.


Marvel at the architecture of old Venetian mansions and elaborate churches, indulge at waterfront restaurants, and take in history on Greece’s largest island.

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Pro tips

  • Credit cards will mostly be accepted, but have cash on hand for some of the islands.
  • Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated in the sun at all times.
  • Bring some small bottles of sunscreen and tanning lotion. It will be more expensive by the beach.
  • Pack light! You will be carrying your luggage to and from the accommodations and sometimes the drivers can’t fit on the smaller roads.
  • The Orthodox Church holds a lot of presence in Greece, especially in the older generation. Prepare to cover your knees and shoulders if you want to enter a church or monastery.
  • There’s a Mediterranean belief that nothing needs to be hurried, so service in a restaurant or transportation is often slowed.
  • Locals usually have lunch around 3pm and dinner around 9pm-midnight. It’s polite to eat everything on your plate!
Greece inspo
These travelers went Greek 👇 —will you?
5/5 on the olive meter

Our travelers love visiting Greece, and they aren’t afraid to tell us.

“This trip was AMAZING! My first time in Europe and I’ll never forget it. There was a good balance between group activities and solo ventures. It was really nice not having to think about anything because all lodging and transportation was taken care of. We had the BEST tour guide treating us like we were his own and making sure we were safe. He was informative about his country and very helpful.”

—Evelyne, EF Ultimate Break traveler

Our kick-a** Tour Directors

We ❤️ them—and you will too.


“I’m a Greek girl and I live in Athens, my favorite place in the world—the place where theater was born (and yes, I’m an actress!). Being a Tour Director is the best gift I could ever ask for. I love traveling, meeting new people, making new friends, and sharing my knowledge of the places I’ve been. I also love dancing, singing, laughing, and chasing sunsets has become my latest obsession. My goal is to create a huge multinational family among my travelers all over the world. Join me to live out your own Greek myth and have the time of your life!”


“I was born and raised on the island of Crete, famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious food and hospitable people. I’ve travelled to more than 30 countries and lived in two, but I’m always drawn back to Greece. It must be the warm sun, the blue of the Aegean Sea, and the beautiful people. As a Tour Director for EF Ultimate Break, I love introducing my travelers to the beauty of my country.”


“Yassas! I was born and raised in Athens, a city full of myths and history. I am a gyro connoisseur and I love how my country combines natural beauty with archaeological wonders. Showing people the hidden corners of Greece is my passion—that’s why I love being a Tour Director for EF Ultimate Break.”


“I grew up in Athens, a city rich in history yet so vibrant, and only a couple of hours away from any of the Greek Islands. Lucky me! I enjoy sailing, discovering new places in Greece, and meeting people from different backgrounds. Through exchanging ideas and cultures, I learn something new about myself. I think that is the essence of traveling and the reason I enjoy so much what I do as a Tour Director. As the ancient Greek proverb says: ‘I grow old, but I never stop learning.’ Let us learn and discover together!”


“As a child of East Africans who immigrated to Greece, I feel I have traveling and exploring in my blood. Being a Tour Director has inspired me to ignite that same sense of exploration within travelers. Because exploration is all that matters! And traveling is one of the greatest experiences one can give themselves to challenge, reinvent, and accept who they are in this vast world. And when you’re on the plane home, staring from the window at the endless blue sea for your final goodbye, I hope you feel what a small but indispensable part of this world you are.”

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