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6 Best Beaches in Mykonos: From Where the Locals Go to Where the Party’s At

Ask beachgoers what makes for the perfect beach day and you’ll get as many answers as there are grains of sand. Luckily, Mykonos’ beaches offer a little something for absolutely everybody, from all-day parties to low-key hidden coves. We asked two of our expert EF Ultimate Break Greek Tour Directors—Andreas and Kyriakos—for their faves, and, spoiler, there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll like.

by Reid Flynn
Updated April 16, 2024

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A man and woman smiling at each other in front of white buildings on a cliff by the ocean.

Since the time of Socrates, Greece has been the place to get away, recharge, and acquire the perfect vacation tan to show off when you get home (that sunny glow really pops with a toga). Especially Mykonos. Gem of the Aegean. I believe it translates to something like “Land of 1,000 beaches,” or it may as well, given that this Greek island is an absolute mecca for sunbathing. Truth be told, Mykonos' nickname is "Island of the Winds,” and if you stick with us, we’ll not only tell you which months are best to visit in order to avoid those winds, we’ll also tell you about six of our favorite Mykonos beaches:

  • Paradise Beach
  • Super Paradise Beach
  • Psarou Beach
  • Agios Sostis
  • Elia Beach
  • Kalafatis Beach

Not all beaches are created equal, and not all beachgoers want the same thing. White sand, black sand, gold sand; party beach, empty beach, nap-off-this-winery-hangover beach—luckily there’s a Mykonos beach for everyone (and all of our Greek island itineraries visit Mykonos). So we tapped the most in-the-know locals we could find—our amazing Greek Tour Directors—for their take on the best beaches in Mykonos.

Santorini Greek Islands

© EF Ultimate Break

Paradise Beach

Vibe: The most inclusive day-ger/day party of all time.

Paradise Beach is the classic. The most famous. If you’re going to stand in Mykonos and throw a dart at random to determine which beach you’ll go to—first of all, don’t do that, someone will get hurt. And second, just start with Paradise Beach, instead. As our friend, Tour Director, and native Greek, Andreas, puts it: “It’s the most iconic beach of the island as, back in the day when Mykonos was not that popular, it would capture the ‘hippies’ essence of the late 60s and 70s. Everybody that came to Paradise Beach would leave their biases aside and would live the true paradise feeling. Mainly because camping was allowed and nudism was tolerated.”

These days bathing suits are more common, and cold drinks are nearly ubiquitous. Indeed, Paradise Beach is for partiers. So if you’re looking to turn up under the Mediterranean sun, look no further than Paradise.

Mykonos Greek Islands

Super Paradise Beach. © Pit Stock/Shutterstock

Super Paradise Beach

Vibe: You catch yourself saying Paradise Beach just doesn’t go hard enough.

Picture a magic wand that could turn regular Cheetos into Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Or make that mimosa bottomless. Now wave it at Paradise Beach and you get Super Paradise Beach. It’s just got a little more “oomph” to it, a little more paradise packed into those gold sands. As Kyriakos—another of our fave Greek Tour Directors who really knows his stuff—says: “Super Paradise Beach is famous for the parties and the crystal-clear blue waters.”

So come prepared to go nuts, listen to an excellent DJ, and mix in a glass of water every once in awhile. The best part of a beach party? You can cool down in the sea right there any time you want. According to Kyriakos, the water is at its most inviting from early May to mid-October. Oh, and while we’re talking time of year to visit, consider May, June, and September as the months where the Mykonos winds are least strong.

Ios Greek Islands

Psarou Beach. © super101/Shutterstock

Psarou Beach

Vibe: Boujee, but not in your face about it.

If pumping your fist and shaking your hips like a papyrus tablet just aren’t your thing, go where the rich and famous go: Psarou Beach. This tranquil spot boasts sandbox sands (we can’t stop you from burying one of your fellow travelers up to the neck in sand, as long as they’re into it) and tranquil waters. Plus, as Kyriakos points out, celebrities are known to anchor their yachts off the beach and join in on the sunny vibes.

One thing to keep in mind about Greek beach culture in general, and especially at Psarou Beach, is that while access to the beach is free, often the majority of space is taken up by sunbeds and umbrella-shaded spots that you can rent. Kyriakos advises, “Go early and avoid the front row, as they’re more expensive.” Be sure to keep that in mind when planning out your perfect beach day.

Agios Sostic beach in Mykonos

Agios Sostis. © Pietro Basilico/Shutterstock

Agios Sostis

Vibe: Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my secluded mid-day beach nap.

If the beaches back home that you’re familiar with look like Myrtle or the Jersey Shore—that is, long, straight coastlines—Mykonos’s funky nooks and crannies may seem unfamiliar. As our Greek Tour Director Andreas puts it, “There are a gazillion little coves where one can just go and be alone, even during the [tourist] season. One of those beaches in Mykonos is Agios Sostis.”

A car ride away, but well worth it to get away from, well, everything. Need to sleep off that bottle of wine? Lay out a towel and feel free. Just found out your ex is also on Mykonos and you need to avoid them? We guarantee they’ve never even heard of Agios Sostis. For those who like their privacy and their space, this is the Mykonos beach for you.

Crete Greek Islands

Elia Beach. © FMilano_Photography/Shutterstock

Elia Beach

Vibe: Clothing: optional. Sunscreen: mandatory.

Elia Beach: where the sands are golden-white and the clothing is optional. Kyriakos confirms: “Elia Beach is one of the largest beaches in Mykonos and the ‘official’ gay and nudist beach.” If you’re looking for the perfect turquoise water, but your brain is swimming from last night’s bass-heavy clubbing, Elia is a quieter spot for you.

Don’t forget, Mykonos never gets overwhelmingly hot in the summer. Even as Europeans flock to the island to beat the mainland heat for their summer vacation in late July and August, the Mediterranean keeps Mykonos perfectly in the mid-80s all summer.

Zakynthos Greek Islands

Kalafatis Beach. © Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock.com

Kalafatis Beach

Vibe: Lowkey lounging with locals.

Andreas has a rule when it comes to Mykonos beaches: “The farther you go from the main town of Chora, the less people you’re going to see at the beaches.” If that sounds good to you, then take his advice and take the public bus to the remote and peaceful Kalafatis Beach “for a quieter and off-the-beaten-path experience.” If you’re looking to see where the locals go to relax, look no further than Kalafatis.

Pack a picnic, hop a quick bus ride, and make a day of it at Kalafatis. You might even strike up a conversation with a local while you’re there and maybe make a new friend. That’s the beauty of travel! But be sure to follow through on the rest of Andreas’ advice after a day at Kalafatis and come back to Chora for some sunset drinks and partying into the night. Bring your new friend!

If you made it this far, it’s safe to assume that you’re carefully plotting your bathing suit color coordination, Google Maps-ing all of the late-night gyro spots near the clubs in Chora, and praying nightly to the ancient Greek sun god, Helios. You’re dead set on beaching it up in Mykonos, and, duh, who wouldn’t be? Make your Mykonos trip perfect by booking it with us. Sure, we know plenty about beaches, but we also take care of all the logistics and provide you with plenty of excursions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Greek islands getaway. Play your cards right and you might even get Andreas or Kyriakos as your Tour Director. Book now, pay over time interest-free, and beach it up in Mykonos (and Santorini, and Paros, and Ios… you get the picture) to your heart’s content.

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by Reid Flynn

Reid is a copywriter at EF Ultimate Break. He loves cheese, playing guitar, and speaking loudly about indie rock to anyone who will listen. His favorite place in the world is Amsterdam.

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