9 places you need to go this summer
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April 7, 2018 | Destinations

9 places you need to go this summer

By Madeline M.

There are only so many late-night Taco Bell runs you can make and matinee movies you can bring your friends to before summer starts to drag. It’s time to get out there. Trade in the T-Bell for tapas and the movies for monkeys—here are the 9 best places you need to go to this summer.

1. Vernazza Beach

Splash around this Cinque Terre beach. The natural harbor around the beach keeps the waters calm, and the sandy beach is just begging to be napped on. Especially after you’ve hiked across the hills of Cinque Terre and your legs have turned to jelly.

2. Rooftop Tapas Bar

Say that 5 times fast. After catching your breath, head to a tapas bar in Madrid and stuff yourself with everything from patatas bravas (fried potatoes) to albóndigas (meatballs). For dessert, enjoy a sunset view of Spain’s capital city.

3. Beer Garden

Kick back at one of Munich’s beer gardens with a frosty stein and a pretzel or 7. If spending hours gathered around outdoor picnic tables with live music is Germany’s idea of the perfect summer day, we’re ready to move ASAP. The beer is flowing, the folks are friendly, and the comradery is unrivaled.

4. Tivoli Gardens

Feel the rush (and hopefully not your breakfast) at this amusement park in Copenhagen. No summer is complete without a day at an amusement park, and this one takes the word “park” very literally. Enjoy views of lush plants and colorful flowers as you zip by on a winding ride, then sit back and enjoy live performing arts shows, like ballet and theater, and get #cultured.

5. Manuel Antonio National Park

Lounge on Costa Rica’s most well-known beach, venture through the rainforest, and keep an eye out for the new friends you’ll meet along the way (i.e.: monkeys and sloths).

6. Private boat

Jet around Croatia on a private boat and take the walk of #NoShameNoShameNoShame. Get ready for you, the stunning coastline, and the bright blue water of the Adriatic Sea. Winter may be coming, but this is a summer you won’t forget.

7. Blue Lagoon

The warm, light-blue waters of Iceland’s geothermal spa will have you relaxed and rejuvenated quicker than it’ll take for your toes to start looking like raisins.

8. La Tomatina Festival

Get (tomato) sauced during this annual, tomato-filled event outside the coastal Spanish city of Valencia. Equal parts bizarre and amazing, the world’s most epic and well-planned food fight definitely deserves a spot in your summer travel plans

9. The Arve River

Ride the rapids like a pro as you whitewater raft through the Chamonix region of France. Splashing your fellow travelers is not required, but highly encouraged. Don’t forget to wipe the spray out of your eyes and look up every once and a while because, trust us, the Swiss Alps look best from a rubber raft.

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