The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Good About Traveling Again | EF Ultimate Break
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We’re the best way to travel: from when to go, to where you can go, to how to go—don’t go it alone.

Take a deep breath, let us take the worry out of travel for you, and give yourself the gift of looking forward to an epic trip in 2021. The perfect accommodations, the seamless itineraries, the safety guidelines & local health updates: that’s our department. If you should pack SPF 30 or 50: well, OK, we’ll leave that one up to you.

What makes us the only way you’ll want to travel in 2021

I’m so ready to travel again

You’re like us. Your bag is packed even though your trip isn’t until 2021. You’re considering a tattoo of your destination’s passport stamp. You have a spreadsheet for your mid-trip Instagram posting schedule. While you’re stuck at home waiting to get out there, stay engaged by finding your perfect Greek island, learning Spanish slang with Alejandro, or by giving our experts a call just to talk travel and get pumped for your trip together.

5 Spanish Phrases

Alejandro teaches you the phrases you really need to know.

Same trip. Extra stuff.

Ultimate Plus upgraded departures available on select dates

I’m on the fence

Maybe you’re not ready to kiss the Blarney Stone just yet, but you could see yourself traveling as long as you’re positive that everything will go smoothly. The good news? We’re not letting you go anywhere until we’re positive of that, too. The better news? We’ve got just the stuff to get you off the fence and feeling good about travel again. Hang virtually with Hector in the DR, perfect your Guinness pour at home, then give our experts a call to soothe your travel worries one-on-one. You’ll be ready to go in no time!

Piña colada lesson

Hang virtually with Hector in the DR

Take it from them, not us

Thousands and thousands of travelers trust us to deliver the trip of a lifetime.

I’m not quite ready

You’re considering buying a hazmat suit for walks around the block. You put on hand sanitizer before browsing our trips. And that’s okay! Take it easy, start small, and begin building your confidence one salsa step at a time around your living room with Andres. Bake authentic Italian focaccia courtesy of Dio and learn how to make the most of the great Hawaiian outdoors. By the way, did you know we’ve released 2022 trip dates early just for your peace of mind? Treat yourself to travel anticipation, and hey, if you start to feel up to it, you can always move your departure date up. Together, we’ve got this.

Salsa dance class

Join Andres and light up your living room dancefloor.

We’re dedicated to being the safest way to see the world

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