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Treat yo’self with trips for shopaholics

Do you travel with an empty suitcase specifically for souvenirs? These are the trips where you’ll fill your bag with all of the hottest designer brands, and fill your mind’s bag (AKA your brain) with sweet, sweet memories. Find the perfect trip for your inner shopper below.

Highlights of Japan

14 days. 6 cities. All. That. Sushi.

Pros: browsing the world’s best streetwear scene, seeing into the future of the next big trends.

Cons: unclear if picking sushi rolls off a conveyor belt counts as shopping.

Italy, France & Spain

16 days. 8 cities. Can’t miss chianti.

Pros: visiting Florence: home of Gucci, and host to Prada, Chanel, Armani and Bulgari.

Cons: may be tough to fit the yachts of Monaco into your suitcase.

London & Paris Escape

8 days. 2 cities. Shop like the Queen.

Pros: strolling the 1M+ square feet of Harrods, getting Parisian chic in France.

Cons: not everyone can pull off a beret (but we bet you can!)

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